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Finnish Prime Minister to help environmental protection products "responsible paper products" to protect the environment.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Finland, Mr. Juha Xi Bilei in Beijing for the Finnish environmental protection products to help out, said UPM UPM UPc Jining copy paper UPMJetset good printed copy paper in China rejuvenation listing high hopes.


UPM has been working with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) at global and national levels for several years to promote the popularity of FSC forest management certification, Small private forest more convenienHHistory of bamboo paper makingHistory of bamboo paper makingHistory of bamboo paper makingHistory of bamboo paper makingistory of bamboo paper makingt FSC certification to ensure that the forest inHistory of bamboo paper makingdustry on the local water, virgin forest, natural forest protection, and guide the forest industry on the local economic and social development