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 Art paper is coated with white paper made of high-grade printing paper. It can be seen everywhere in our paper bag factory,  It  is mainly used for the printing of paper box and magazines cover and illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of fine goods advertising, samples, packaging, trademarks and so on.

Art paper named as coated paper as well in the printing and packaging industry. Art paper most ued for mouning paper always with 157gsm and paper boxes, sleeves,paper box holder inside, paper hang tags ,paper bags etc.

 Art paper is characterized by very smooth and smooth paper, high smoothness, good gloss. Because the paint used by the whiteness of 90% or more, and very fine particles, but also through the super calendar calendering, so the smoothness of coated paper is generally 600 ~ 1000s. At the same time, the coating is very evenly distributed on the paper and showing pleasing to the eye of the white. Art paper requirements of the coating is thin and uniform, no bubbles, the amount of adhesive in the coating appropriate to prevent the paper during the printing process of powder linting, in addition, the absorption of para-xylene to the appropriate paper.