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Water-based ink

Water-based ink is the world's recognized environmentally friendly printing ink, is the only printing ink in the United States Food and Drug Administration approved by the only ink.

Non-volatile organic solvents are the biggest advantage of water-based inks, in the printing only need to use water to dilute it. Therefore, the water-based ink greatly reduces the VOCs emissions, to avoid the pollution of volatile organic compounds, improve the printing environment, the operator's health will not cause harm. At the same time, it significantly reduces the surface of printed products, hazardous substances, one of the most environmentally friendly one of the types of ink. At the same time, as the main solvent of water-based ink, water is not easy to burn, tasteless non-toxic, so there is a high safety performance, the environment will not cause pollution, is conducive to environmental quality improvement. In view of the boiling point of water than organic solvents, water-based ink drying temperature is generally controlled at 90 ~ 100 ℃ (air volume to the maximum, is conducive to rapid discharge of water).

In recent years, with the application of high-performance water-based acrylic resin in water-based ink, water-based ink's water-soluble complex, gloss and drying has been further improved, so that in the flexo, gravure area has been gradually promoted, The speed of development, ink quality has gradually been recognized by the printing business. In addition, the use of water-based ink can also reduce the electrostatic and flammable solvents caused by fire hazards, reduce the surface of the printed matter residual solvent odor, so water-based ink in food packaging, children's toys, packaging and other areas of tobacco and alcohol packaging applications more and more common The

At present, Shandong Brett, Shanxi essence, Fu Linte ink and so on have introduced a good performance of environmentally friendly water-based ink.