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The surface treatment process of packaging color box is generally applied, because besides the high grade design layout, the proper process is also indispensable.The membrane is necessary in the ordinary printing color box, because the membrane will play a color and paper protective effect on the color box itself.Of course, there are some foreign guests who have special requirements, namely that they do not need the membrane process to better reflect the paper itself.


Frosting effect generally gives people a kind of thick and steady feeling, in the texture aspect surface also very outstanding.So it is often used in fancy color box packaging.The advantages of UV - printing grinding sand are mainly:

birthday cake box

1. The polishing effect of UV printing is more delicate than that of ordinary grinding sand, because it is the printing press, based on the precision of the printing press.So the grinding effect is very good.The same is true for every printed sheet.This is better than traditional grinding.


2. Faster production.This is easy to understand, UV printing the grinding of the sand itself is to come out with the printing color, itself is the finished product.


3. The cost is lower than the traditional grinding sand.UV printing is much more expensive than conventional printing.But in the case of single - grinding sand, grinding is cheap.Because UV printing grinding sand production speed, other UV printing grinding sand does not need to do membrane processing.The grinding of sand has protective effect on the printing and paper surface.