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Uv printer 5 color printing effect principle

Uv printer 5 color printing printing effect can meet the daily needs, 5 color are respectively (C - cyan, black, red, yellow, Y K W m. white), other colors can be color software deployment. Considering the high quality printing or custom requirement, uv printer color can add LC (light grey), LM (pale red), LK (dark) LLK about (black) and color (orange, purple and green).

Normally, mentioned standard uv printer, is 5 color, but the corresponding nozzle number is different, some needs a nozzle, some need three nozzle, some need five nozzle, the reason is that different nozzle type, such as:

1. Epson jet, 8 columns, a row of channels can produce a color, then a nozzle can come out five colors, or six colors with two white or eight colors.

2. Light 5 shower head, 2 colors for a nozzle, 3 sprinkler heads for 5 colors.

3. The actuated gs508 sprinkler head, a spray head comes out a color, then 5 colors needs 5 sprinkler heads.

What you need to know is that the more color a single sprinkler comes out, the slower it is to print, for a civilian shower. A sprinkler comes out of a color, mostly industrial sprinkler head, printing speed.