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UV classification

1.screen printing local glazing

Screen printing with high ink transfer, ink layer thick, three-dimensional strong characteristics. Glazing with the screen should generally use 200 ~ 300 mesh screen (for local scrub local colorful and other polishing effect, the lower number of head), Stretching tension in the 20 ~ 25N / cm. Due to equipment investment is not. Many books and packaging plants in the increase of local business services, are preferred screen printing. Some professional printing glazing company to improve the polishing accuracy, improve production efficiency. Has been using automatic roller screen printer. Production speed can reach 3000 / hour. But the online printing of the basic use of off-line production mode. Online rotary screen printing unit applications less.

2. flexible version of the local glazing

Flexographic printing is characterized by the ability to form a thicker coating with a simpler process. So popular in the UV polishing in the sought after. Flexographic printing Local glazing is divided into ordinary flexible