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Modulate the ink color printing office is according to get color pigment the subtractive mixing principle, the color with low lightness, high saturation, field printing ink uniform designed color piece usually adopt, and appropriately increase the amount of ink, ink layer thickness is larger when the layout, the ink layer thickness change will be less sensitive to the color changes, so it is easier to get uniform ink, thick printing effect.

Forming machine

From the Angle of raising the quality of the product, what kind of product is suitable for a special color printing?

For the dark large area color block, the four-color printing process may need to be superimposed by several colors of high-salt nodes, the ink layer is too thick and easy to appear on the back;And the use of spot color printing process, just print one color, not easy to appear the back of the dirty.Using four-color printing process, certain parts of the text may be composed of several colors;And the special color printing process, the corresponding part of the color, avoid the possibility of printing errors.