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Paper is one of the four great inventions of ancient China, and its emergence has promoted the historical process of human civilization.Paper has become a carrier of more economy, convenience and easy preservation. It has improved the way people have recorded in the past thousand years. It has the meaning of inheritance and communication and the spirit of accumulation.The theme exhibition of "paper culture" at the five major theme exhibitions of China international expo culture exposition 2017 (3rd).

"By material of paper, paper culture" theme exhibition is divided into "traceability" irregular "puzzling" "" "change "four galleries, respectively from the paper, the origin, classification, product configuration and the paper hand made craft show and experience, to restore or reconstruct paper by material of modern concepts.

The source of the paper.Back to the source of paper, handmade paper is an important part of China's excellent culture."Traceability" exhibition will invite Chinese manual papermaking alliance head, tsinghua academy of the old teacher, led the visitors back to the origin of handmade paper, showing the process of handmade paper, feel the ancient craftsmanship create wisdom and artistic charm.

Paper is bad.With the development of materials science and production technology, paper has also been differentiated into different forms and characteristics."Irregular" exhibition invited Korean paper lane, a handmade paper manufacturer, good old hemp depicting (hemp paper manufacturers), Shanghai yi (printing and packaging paper manufacturers) and respect people paper exhibition, show thousands of different texture, color, different USES and manufacturing methods of paper, paper show the rich and colorful culture.

The paper states.In history, the state of paper varies widely.With the development of science and technology, paper is no longer used solely as a text carrier, and people began to explore more possibilities for the function of art form and objects.A variety of creative products, ranging from artworks to daily goods, will be displayed in the "100 state" exhibition area.These products have been experimentally broken through the traditional form of paper and reconstructed the concept and use of paper.

The change of paper.The transformation of the material, behind the transformation of the paper, is the continuous practice and improvement of materials and tools, and the culture of paper reflects the wisdom of human beings.The "things change" section will provide an interactive experience of the old line bookbinding and hand-copied paper, where participants can find more of the paper's password in the experience.