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Chinese companies fought in Malaysia to buy sources, local paper prices or continue to rise.

Zhang Xuan (52 years old, Jinwei Packaging Co., Ltd.) said that the current paper prices continue to rise, mainly in recent years for the mainland for environmental protection, and constantly banned non-compliance with environmental regulations of small paper mills, so many small Manufacturers stop production, resulting in paper shortage.


In order to cope with the strong market demand, and to a large number of foreign acquisitions, Malaysia has recently become the Chinese market to buy the country, will cause the current paper prices. This makes the price of paper in January, March, June rose more than 16%. While the Chinese field continue to buy supplies to foreign countries, paper prices are expected to continue to rise.

Zhang said that Malaysia's paper processing industry directly affected, coupled with the rise in ink and wages, which makes the cost of making cartons increased by 20% -25%. So far the supplier is still sufficient supply supply market demand, but can not predict the rise in prices, this year can be said that the paper industry painful year.