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Faced with the rapid change of social demand in the new technological environment, the printing industry is no longer limited to the increasingly bitter content printing dilemma.How to change the function and function of content printing is the problem that the printing industry and printing people must think in the future. The author thinks that the following three points should be focused on:


1. Focus on and research the important direction of industrial development

Throughout the development of the printing industry, it is not difficult to find that it is always using the latest technology and materials to change its technological process system and production mode, and realize the technological leapfrog.From initial engraving printing, replace manual copying to replace engraving printing type, from mechanical printing instead of manual work to photosensitive color separation of color, from process to digital plate-making, the transition from content to functional digital printing of printing, etc.Therefore, the printing industry can continue to innovate and develop continuously relying on advanced technology, new technology and extensive materials.


2.Find the right entry point

In the future, it is very important for printing enterprises to find the direction and entry point of their high speed development according to their advantages and prospective technology.According to market changes in recent years, enterprises can use two methods to correctly locate and find pointcuts.One is the summary have technical advantages and product model, from the content the functionalization of printing, the printing change to the function, such as books, reading from a single function to read to listen to the function of the integrated development of printing, from a single media to the function of cross-media development of printing.Secondly, according to the nature of the printed copy, in many high-tech fields, has its own characteristics, find the link, or by embedding technologies to solve the key technology in the field of technical problems, to implement low cost, high reliability and high precision product functions.Such as in ultra-thin displays, flexible display, biological detection chip, and other fields, by using high reliability, very thin, and a variety of printing media choose composite features to customize product batch production, realize the function of the products printing.


3. Establish a systematic solution

The printing industry is already meet the specific requirements of the transition period, reconstruct themselves face embedded related industry product line and product line mark, only with systematic thinking and transition of homework, set up a systematic solution for products, to realize the value of ascension.Ya chang enterprise integration of relevant facts have proven that both domestic culture, art of the high-end cultural transmission chain of high-yield, or foreign large LCD panel display circuit and the grassroots printing and the functionalization of biomedical detection chip printing printing product line of high added value, has profoundly reflect the printing industry from simple replication processing into the systematic solution for a new era, functions as well as printing will be dominated by industrial era of high technology, high return is coming.