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Since last year September, the price of glass, carton, bottle cap and other raw materials has started to rise, with some of the price hikes exceeding 50%.Due to the environmental protection check strictly this year, a lot of small packaging material factory has been closed, cause carton has rose 80% year on year, and glass and the bottle cap is turned over four times already this year, rose ¥0.2/pcs.


The wine industry network reporter learned, this year, because of environmental strict check, the factory discontinued, the price of the price of packaging materials has become a hot topic.As just need of liquor-making industry, glass bottles and cartons of prices for the high-end liquor company might not what it means, but for low light wine, since last year, there has been a low-end wine is difficult to guarantee profits.


"The price increase of the package has a great impact on the wine industry, and the pressure on enterprises to increase prices appears."Some manufacturers say that last year's price increases have made their profits thinner, but they can be offset by large-scale shipments.But this year, they are already considering a 5% deal."The recent main glass, paper, packaging material rise too much, otherwise business is unprofitable running state, so price is for sure, liquor before the season, will certainly rise, and huge."


In the price adjustment, some wine companies indicated that the adjustment of price system was due to the increase of raw materials and the increase of production cost.

"The increase in the price of packaging has allowed these companies to raise prices, both to meet the rebuilding price system and to offset the upward pressure on the package."A person in the industry said that the price of the package has given the wine companies a reason to raise prices.