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1. The electrochemical aluminum stamping foil should be used for paper, ink (especially black ink), dry oil and composite glue, which must be kept dry to avoid oxidation or damage.
2. The storage should be protected against pressure, moisture, heat, and sun protection, and placed in a cool and ventilated place.
3. The general packaging is: 0.64 x 120 for one roll, can be customized other specifications,  such as width for 0.64, length for 240 or 360 and etc., sizes.

BSCorrugated pit box5
4. The suitable stamping foil must be selected according to the different products of the irons.Hot stamping must master the temperature, pressure, the stamping speed of the three - tripartite cooperation, and according to the ironing material, hot stamping area of the difference.
5. Grasp the speed and direction of the lathe when cutting.
Our factory have 2 hot stamping machines, one size for 110*80mm, the other size for 930*67mm.