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The whiteness of the paper is the basis of brightly colored printing.Ideal paper reflects nearly all the colours, and ash, black, green, red or other color paper can absorb part of the incident light, lead to mark the hue, lightness and saturation are affected, the final show the color difference.This is the equivalent of adding some other ink to the ink, the performance of the ink is not pure, thus giving people a feeling of dark, turbid and partial color.

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The main components of paper are cellulose, glue, packing etc.The flow part of the ink is the connecting material. The ink pigment is attached to the surface of the paper.The main components of paper and ink are asymmetric molecules, and when they are close to each other, they rely on a secondary binding force to allow the molecules to adhere to the paper.Now packaging and printing enterprises packaging and decoration materials mostly use coated white board, wood pulp hanging white board, ordinary box board paper, wood pulp hanging box board paper, kraft paper and white paper.Due to the differences in the production process of different paper mills, the paper's surface whiteness and smoothness are significantly different.As a result, the printing presses in the moment of printing ink, the low molecular parts of the ink connection are pressed into the large pores of the paper, and the connection materials begin to separate from the ink.When the ink pigment content high, inside the ink film can be formed a large number of tiny capillaries, the large number of small capillary's ability to keep connection material, than on the surface of the paper fiber gap connection material absorption ability.Low when the content of pigment, can appear ink adhesion on the surface of the paper, the connection is most into the paper, the gap caused by the ink film on the substrates slants thin, pigment particles, the final color is not bright.