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The introduction of white board/paper

The white board has a size of 787mm * 1092mm, another size is 889 * 1194mm, or other specifications or webs as specified in the contract. White board because of relatively uniform fiber structure, the surface layer with filler and the composition of the compound, and the surface coated with a certain coating, and after multi-roll calendering, so the cardboard texture is relatively close, the thickness is relatively uniform.

White paper are more general and its smooth, having a relatively uniform ink absorption less powder surface removal and linting, paper more robust and has better folding, but its high water content , generally about 10%, there is a certain flexibility, which gives print will bring some impact.

The difference between the white paper and coated paper, offset paper, where in the paper sheet relief grams of weight, relatively thick paper and the front and back of different colors, gray white paper to one surface of the white side, also called duplex coated white.