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The introduction of Ivory paper

Ivory paper is a kind of thick, thick paper which is strong and heavy. In the past, there were people who used to be benchmarked: paper, cardboard; In the early years of the Shanghai market, the paper was used to measure the thickness of the paper, which is about 200g/m2 (the surface is smooth, the light is high, the paper is also called the thin cardboard), and the weighing paper is called. It is also a kind of card paper. The most common form of cardboard is not colored. If coloring, it is called the color cardboard.

It has a higher stiffness, degree of burst and smoothness (except pressure with a pattern of white cardboard), paper smooth, no streaks, spot disease, such as paper or to have the phenomenon of buckling deformation.

The surface of single copper paper is bright, the coating is uniform, and the ink is fast with good printing, suitable for fine color printing. For the purpose of fine printing, the surface of the original paper is coated with paint, and the paper is coated with the ordinary bronze paper.