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The introduction of digital printing depends on three factors

The first factor is the need of the printing plant itself. At present, 60% of the printer on the market just printing plant, there is no such high value-added services (such as design, logistics control, etc.), relative to foreign YinChang provide one-stop services, appear very passive, this is the one of the biggest difference between YinChang at home and abroad.

The second and most important factor is whether to change the market role of your company. Is it just a low-end printing plant? Or do you change your market role based on the needs of your end customers?

The third consideration is actually nine words: "affordable, affordable, well used". In otherwords, the first thing you need to do is to "afford" the device when you understand the needs of the printing plant. Secondly, when the equipment is purchased, the equipment should be "used", which is the ability to combine the actual situation of its own business affairs to make the device useful and not put on hold.

Finally, "good use" equipment, which is to consider whether the purchase of equipment can play a role in promoting the healthy development of the enterprise in the future.