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Each enterprise in the packaging customization, will require the manufacturer in the packaging box surface such as custom tray and lid boxes printed with a brand logo. So what is it, what is the practical significance of it in packaging box design?

Brand logo represents a business philosophy, corporate culture, is a corporate soul, on behalf of a corporate image. Logo for a brand is intuitive and important, packaging box design directly affects people's impression of the brand and its positioning.  

customized paper cereal box food storage packaging box

 As a brand image, logo packaging box design beauty directly reflects the aesthetic standards of the brand. Whether it is specific, abstract, graphic letters or the combination of pure text letters LOGO form of the rules of the United States are no doubt that can not give up a little bit.  

Simple,beautiful, complex also need to reflect the complex meaning of the logo itself reflects the aesthetic aesthetic of the brand, a very bad signs of the enterprise how to expect him to design a beautiful atmosphere of the product. Looking at the market today, the most commendable brand identity, such as Apple's LOGO, with its own unique charm and the perfect combination of products, the constant interpretation of the new aesthetic innovation and users of the new record. He have improve their own products to cope with more and more picky opponents taste constantly.