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The global market makes traceability and security demand increasing

Counterfeit products have a huge risk for the health and safety of consumers, and Nelson and ACMA (India Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association) have shown that 20% of road traffic accidents in India are caused by counterfeit auto parts. Counterfeit products of any ravaged birth to a more stringent product identification legislation, product traceability has increasingly become a necessary requirement. Rely on product identification to make products in the complex and interrelated behavior, from production to distribution, until the consumption and other links can be traced back.

Facts have proved that the implementation of the labeling system is an effective tool for manufacturers and retailers to track product traceability. The product traceability solution allows a single item or batch of goods to be analyzed during operation or traced throughout the supply chain through serialization. And not as easy as the logo will mean that can not be identified in the supply chain. Logo for tracking must have accurate location, precision inkjet, high readability, and can withstand the environment or handling caused by wear and tear.