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On July 25, henan Henry industrial group co., LTD., issued letter, due to recent raw material prices increase production cost, in order to ensure the normal supply, from August 1, 2017 on the basis of the current sales price increase 100 yuan/ton.

This is the first corrugated price of corrugated paper in August, hope is also last!

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The big four may still push paper prices higher, but there is no need to panic.

1. Stringent requirements on imported waste paper, and the supply of raw materials reduces the price of paper

In recent years, the state has attached importance to the management of imported wastes.Since July, the ministry of environmental protection has launched a campaign to crack down on illegal import waste processing and utilization of environmental violations, and a "blacklist" of paper factories in many regions of the country.The inspection conditions of imported waste paper are strict and the supply of goods in the waste market in China is in a tight situation.The tightening of waste paper policy has injected a strong impetus to the rise of paper prices in China's carton industry, which relies heavily on imports.In addition, the depreciation of the RMB has constituted the input cost to the paper factory, which has become a force to push up the price of paper.

2. The environmental protection inspector has frequently stopped production at the paper mill, and the environmental protection of the paper price campaign

In the round of environmental inspections since 2017, there have been many paper mills, factory closures and rectification, fines, etc.Environmental protection high demand, pressure paper enterprises to increase environmental investment.However, the cost of environmental upgrading is not affordable for all paper companies. These enterprises, which are not up to standard, can only face the fate of the obsolescence.The large scale of small paper mill exit, further consolidated the bargaining power of large and medium-sized paper mills, the paper price battle!

3. The rising cost of the supply side becomes the dominant price

The increase of paper price is mainly affected by the supply side factor: on the one hand, the price of waste paper, coal, chemical additives and other prices have risen, resulting in the rising production costs of papermaking enterprises, thus raising the price of the original paper.On the other hand, environmental protection is becoming stricter, the cost of environmental protection increases, and some papermaking enterprises have stopped production and production limits, and the production capacity of production decreases the price of the original paper.

4. The original paper factory is easy to establish the price alliance, and the reluctance to sell and chase up the behavior drive up the price of paper

Industry there is a phenomenon: when the original paper factory inventory sufficient began to stop valuation, to create an atmosphere of a shortage of inventory, the downstream enterprises fear is aggravating, for fear of record-keeping is higher and higher, so desperately for libraries.Reluctant to sell and chase up the behavior of "cooperate", the paper price does not rise all difficult!