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Digitization is based on the digitization of traditional printing, as a supplement to traditional printing methods, which can improve efficiency, ensure quality, reduce waste, and ultimately improve economic efficiency.

Opportunities and challenges exist side by side in China's labelling industry. How to meet the challenge depends on the improvement of productivity and scientific management, but all these are inseparable from the science and technology.In 2017, the digital label printing industry trend is unstoppable, this is based on the traditional printing digital, digital, as a supplement of traditional way of printing, it can raise efficiency, guarantee quality, reduce waste, eventually improve the economic benefit.


Traditional equipment adds inkjet equipment

In recent years, inkjet printing has developed rapidly and can now replace screen printing and gravure printing for color block and field printing.Inkjet printing speed is fast, ink layer thickness can be adjusted, the label show in the United States, France label equipment suppliers Codimag first location is in the device installed on inkjet device, replace the old rotary screen printing, exhibition site high-speed transparent film label printing.The digital inkjet printing technology combines with the traditional printing method to become the development direction of Chinese label printing industry.


The process of digital printing is widely used

The label printing digitization also has a major breakthrough in the finishing process.If laser die-cutting, it is the product of digitalization.In addition, hot stamping, local glazing and other post-printing processes have been digitized.Hot and cold gold can be used to spray UV adhesive onto the surface of the printed matter without printing plate.Local glazing can be transparent polymer coating on the graph, the formation of stereo effect, can be up to 2 mm ~ 3 mm thickness, the revolutionary process can replace the traditional local screen glazing or convex process.Digitalization has changed the quality of label printing after printing.


ERP helps enterprises to realize intelligent management

ERP is the most commonly used software in domestic label industry, mainly used for orders and production management.However, in the labelling industry, there are very few companies that use ERP (less than 10%), and most manufacturers adopt traditional management mode.European label printing companies almost all use ERP management.Through the ERP platform can understand the equipment operation, product quality, order process, material inventory, products, logistics, capital, customer label usage and so on, the running status of ERP can make the factory managers never leave home can understand the whole enterprise.


2017, the digital year of label printing, expect a bigger breakthrough.