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In the album of different properties, the intention of the customer's album to express is often related to the type of film covering,  Matt lamination and Glossy lamination will show different effects.

The main process of the finishing of the printing process is the Matt lamination and Glossy lamination . It is also known as the film of the optical film.It is the plastic film after coating and adhesive, and printed material after heating, pressure sticking together, form the unity of paper-plastic products, it is one of the common paper printing post-press processing technology.For example, the cover of the printed product description, the cover of the album printing, the surface of the color box, etc., will be used in this process.


Too light or too dumb adhesive printed matter, because the surface is much more a thin, transparent layer of plastic film, more smooth shining surface, not only improves the print gloss and color fastness, prolong the service life of the print, plastic film and damp-proof, waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resisting, folding, resistance to chemical corrosion protection, etc.It can make the color of the printed image of the product more vivid, rich stereoscopic feeling, especially suitable for the packaging of products such as green food, which can cause people's appetite and consumption desire.If the use of the dummy gum, can make the product give the consumer a kind of noble, elegant feeling.


According to the above content, the printed matter of the product can significantly improve the class and added value of commodity packaging.The printed matter that has been used to the light of the light of the naked eye appears to be more transparent, so that the printed matter is dazzling and magnificent.The printed matter of matte is very dark and dull, but the matte can give a kind of primitive and elegant feeling, which increases the artistic charm of printed matter.