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The difference between kraft paper and kraft cardboard

The difference between kraft paper and kraft packaging cardboard boxes

1. Weight: the original weight of more than 150g paper called kraft cardboard, and 150g the following is generally referred to as kraft paper. In general, the heavier the weight, the greater the hardness of the paper, so kraft cardboard hardness than kraft paper hardness.


2. Uses: cattle cardboard is mainly used for printing and packaging plant, carton factory and other industrial aspects; kraft paper is mainly used for paper bags, envelopes, homework and other aspects of life.


3. Price: kraft paper than the card is thin, and kraft card paper by the calculation is absolutely more expensive than kraft paper, but if it is by bar (stack), ton to calculate, it is the opposite. Because the thicker the paper, the less the number of times the surface needs to be processed, the cost is lower.