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Packaging refers to a series of activities designed and produced in containers or wrapped objects.Packaging as the service industry of the national economy, along with China's rapid growth of our socialist construction, especially since the reform and opening, under the socialist market economic system, packaging industry developing rapidly, forming a paper, plastic, metal, glass, printing, machinery as the main form, have some modern technology and equipment, a complete modern industrial system.


China's packaging industry has spent more than 20 years, and has completed nearly 40 years of development in developed countries. It has basically changed the situation of "first-class products, second-rate packaging and third-rate prices".The packaging industry has developed from a fragmented industry into a complete industrial system with some modern technical equipment and a complete classification.The development of packaging industry is characterized by the globalization of packaging market, the globalization of packaging industry and the growing interdependence of packaging industry.

Walking into the mall, almost anyone knows what packaging is.But once engaged in packaging design, it is inevitable to be confused by the dazzling commodity brand, the various packaging forms and the "advice" of seven tongues to make the main pulse.Although the definition of packaging has been clearly defined in various countries, such as the United States: packaging is the preparation for the delivery and sale of products.UK: packaging is the art, science and technical preparation for the transport and sale of goods.Canada believes that packaging is a tool to keep products in good condition by serving customers or consumers.Our country has long ago defined the packaging: to protect the products in the circulation process, to facilitate the storage and transportation, to promote the sales of auxiliary materials, etc.