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The continuous inkjet technology presents a new challenge

Production environment and industry applications on the continuous inkjet technology presents a new challenge.

High-speed production lines require continuous inkjet technology to keep pace. A modern soft drink can line produces 2,000 cans of drink per minute, or 33 cans per second. If the product moves with the packaging line and the printer can not maintain the same speed, or inkjet printer is not installed properly in the production line (print head and product distance, angle, etc.), not only will lead to coding error, the print quality Obviously, there will be information that can not be printed in the location should be printed, or print on the product surface or label on the font "stretch deformation" and other bad inkjet situation.

Modern production environments require that all processes be able to withstand extreme speeds and harsh environments. Some products may require production under extreme conditions such as sterilization or quick freezing, and may also require prolonged exposure to moisture or dust Production environment. This requires CIJ equipment to withstand the most stringent environmental test, the printed information should be lasting, consistent with the product circulation cycle.

Numerous manufacturing parts of the miniaturization of parts also require marking to achieve a new level of accuracy. Electronic products are increasingly miniaturized, making the product code must also be smaller, more sophisticated, and even every part of the product need to code alone, as a mobile phone usually have 1200 parts are required to code. For CIJ continuous inkjet technology, this is often a very difficult task, CIJ ink needs to be sprayed on fast moving objects, and to ensure accuracy.