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1. The membrane layer is transparent and not discolored

The decorative printed matter should obtain good photoeffect, depending on the surface of the printed sheet forming a layer of colorless transparent film, and after drying, the image is not discolored.It can't change color or yellowing due to sun exposure or longer use.

2. The film layer has certain wear resistance

Some glazing prints require a certain abrasion resistance and scratch-resistance.Because of the high speed box machine, paperboard box packaging machine, books and other assembly line production process, the surface of the printed matter is rubbed, so it must have wear resistance.

3.Have certain flexibility

      Any light oil that forms on the surface of the printed matter must be in good flexibility to adapt to the pliability of the paper or paperboard, so as not to be damaged or cracked or shed.

4. Good environmental performance of membrane layer

It has certain adhesive force on the surface of the printed matter

5.Print due to the effect of surface integral figure ink layer density value, the surface of suitability is greatly reduced, to prevent membrane layer in use after drying, the dry, take off the film, the film adhesion strong, and the ink and ink with all kinds of accessories all have certain cohesive force.

6.smooth surface, smooth surface

7.There are many different kinds of printing substrate, combined with the printing graphic, the influence of the surface wettability of absorbent, smoothness, difference is very big, such as to make the glazing coating on the surface of the product that different to be able to form a smooth film layer, glazing good flow property, film-forming smooth after the membrane surface.