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Paper packaging products are the packaging products of pulp and paperboard as the main raw materials, and the raw materials used for wood and bamboo are a kind of plant that can be harvested and harvested.Reeds, bagasse, cotton poles, wheat straw, etc. Are the rural residues.These are resources that can be regrown and reused.And plastic packaging ends up consuming oil, which is a non-renewable resource.Therefore, compared with plastic and other paper products packaging, more advantage in resources utilization, a very good ecological reputation in the market, the paper products not only can be reused, there are a lot of paper products is made by recycling of waste paper fiber;Discarded paper packaging products can be fertilize, and within a few months will be decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and several inorganic substances in the natural sunlight, moisture and oxygen.So attention all over the world we live in today, the earth and the environment, paper products compared with three packaging plastic, metal, glass, is considered to be the most promising and most promising "green packaging" materials, and widely respected and favor

Paper has good elasticity and toughness, which can provide good protection for the packaging.Paper is not affected by heat and light. For health food and medicine, paper is a traditional packaging material, and is especially suitable for those products that want to get a natural view.Paper opacity, for those who don't like brown products attractive product is very useful for good optimum printing paper products has the unique and beautiful appearance, is the one large window to attract people;In the same way, the quality and light weight of paper packaging products are diversified, so as to reduce the cost of mail delivery and transportation.All in all, paper packaging has a market advantage.