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The US announced the preliminary results of the countervailing investigation of HuaFei

June 23, 2015, the US Department of Commerce announced the non-coated paper (uncoated paper) anti-subsidy investigation of the preliminary results, forced to respond to corporate Asia-Pacific Sunburn Group subsidy rate of 5.82%, the other two mandatory response business Due to withdraw from the respondent was found 126.42% of the subsidy, other Chinese enterprises received 5.82% of the national subsidy.

The US Department of Commerce is expected to make the case on November 2 countervailing investigation final ruling, the US International Trade Commission will be December 17 to make the final ruling damage. If the International Trade Commission made a definite ruling, the US Department of Commerce will issue a tax order on December 24.

February 11, 2015, the United States on my non-coated paper anti-dumping, countervailing "double reverse" investigation officially filed.