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The part of the product to moisture, waterproof, prevent oil technology, in order to meet the needs of customers, the paper bag factory through research and development use carton water splashing water, waterborne glazing oil instead of coated technology in the past.Because carton splashing water, glazing oil almost does not contain solvents, organic volatile emissions is less, thus reducing the production cost, reduce the air pollution, improve the working environment, also control the fire hazards.However, the anti-moisture, waterproof and oil proof of the carton is no less effective than other traditional glazing, and the advanced cost of technology is low.So suggest use laminating process less as far as possible, because it will be like we usually use the plastic products cause white pollution, in addition to this, after coated paper also cannot be recycled, the waste of natural resources also caused certain environmental pollution.

"China printing into the era of environmental protection", in the fierce market competition, printing enterprises should, at the same time as development environment on the important agenda to be same with the enterprise economic coordination, guarantee the healthy and long-term development of the enterprise.Through continuous efforts, the company has obtained the good effect on the environmental protection work, the enterprise can be in harmony with environment, profit is not necessarily to be produced in the products, improve the environment, for the healthy development of enterprises is the real profits.Proved the environment can be in harmony with the enterprise, we will continue its efforts to promote the harmonious development of environmental protection of the enterprise, also for the construction of green environmental protection and harmonious "dragon's tongue" due contribution to the printing industry.