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Smart Manufacturing Future Prospects 3D Print 2018 Market size or over $ 20 billion

At present, China's intelligent manufacturing industry is still in the primary development period, most of the enterprises in the research and development stage, only 16% of the enterprises into the intelligent manufacturing application stage; from the economic benefits of intelligent manufacturing , 52% of its intelligent manufacturing revenue contribution rate is lower 10%, 60% of the enterprise's intelligent manufacturing profit contribution rate of less than 10%. 90% of SMEs in the low degree of intelligent manufacturing is due to the cost of intelligent upgrade to curb the needs of enterprises, including the lack of financing channels is the main reason.


China's intelligent manufacturing output  around 1 trillion in 2015, it is expected to more than 3 trillion yuan in 2020, the annual compound growth rate is about 20%. The prospective industry research institute has carried on the comprehensive research to the intelligent manufacturing industry,and listed eight hotspots in the industry: robot, unmanned aerial vehicle, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, unmanned, virtual reality, intelligent logistics, intelligent home.