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Shanghai Electric Group sold the printing press assets to indicate the current press industry crisis

August 8, Shanghai Yaoke Machinery Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Hong Jun Introduction that Shanghai Yao Branch has just signed a memorandum of purchase with Shanghai Electric, will be wholly-owned investment in the acquisition of its subsidiary Shanghai Asia and China Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., the entire plan will be End of the year.

Then on August 13, Shanghai Electric Printing Group and Shanghai Green New Packaging Materials Technology Co., Ltd. signed the "asset listing bid memorandum", to sell its holding Shanghai Shen Weida Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Purple Machinery Co., Ltd. 100% property rights. The Shanghai Electric Group's Guanghua, Akiyama and Gauss is also said to be in the sale.

This series of major assets sold, indicating that the decline of China's largest printing machine manufacturing plate, on the one hand that the current machine manufacturing industry is a reshuffle of the crisis, on the other hand also shows that the state-owned enterprises in the printing industry competition Not suited to. In fact, the entire Chinese printing press manufacturing industry is in turmoil, the future of business who can survive and live better, we will wait and see.