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Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Department issued a "notice" to ask the local to seize the recent rainy, soil moisture good favorable opportunity to do a good job in autumn and winter afforestation work to ensure the successful completion of the annual afforestation task.

"Notice" that the local organizations to strengthen mobilization, ahead of manpower, materials, nursery stock and other afforestation preparations. According to the task of afforestation and the amount of planting, co-ordination arrangements, in advance to do a good job of seedlings and lack of swap work, ready to prepare good local tree species and high-quality strong seedlings. Strengthen the maintenance of afforestation equipment maintenance, good plastic film, water retaining agent, rooting powder and other afforestation materials preparation work to ensure the smooth development of afforestation in autumn and winter.

"Notice" requirements, earnestly do a good job of returning farmland to forest, natural forest protection, Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control, shelter forest construction, central fiscal afforestation subsidies, forest tending and other national forestry key ecological projects, according to the requirements of the annual plan tasks. At the same time, to highlight the focus, continue to promote the side by green. All around the forestry "three" ecological construction strategy, combined with reality, to determine the focus of regional construction, vigorously carry out afforestation. Speed up the Yanhe River, Wuding River, Weihe River, Hanjiang River, Danjiang, Yellow River Shanxi and Shaanxi canyons greening the pace of both sides to enhance the effect of landscaping landscaping. To enhance the Tongguan East Gate, Baoji West Gate, Yulin North Gate, such as green entrance and beautification. Do a good job on roads, railways on both sides of the forest construction, planting both, pay attention to management and protection links, consolidate the construction results. Organization and implementation of the "three of a forest" green home construction, 150 administrative villages to complete the greening tasks, improve the rural living environment.

"Notice" also requires all localities to strengthen management, and continuously improve the quality of afforestation. To strictly implement the "afforestation technical regulations" and the relevant standards and norms, earnestly grasp the seedlings, land preparation, planting and other aspects of management. Follow the laws of nature, with excellent native tree species and pests and diseases mainly to create a mixed forest. We should vigorously promote the use of forestry scientific and technological achievements and practical techniques to improve the survival rate and preservation rate of afforestation. To improve the responsibility of afforestation and management system, to encourage professionals, professional team contract management and management, so that "a tube that is."