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Recently, Russia set up a high-quality printing supplies manufacturers and suppliers Association (AQCMS), aimed at improving the quality of consumer printing supplies concern.

It is reported that the association's leader is Dr. Stanislav Malinskiy, who is also the founder of the Russian Business-Inform show.

Malinskiy said: "Many Russian printing supplies distributors, retailers and consumers are confused about the current types of printing equipment and printing supplies on the market. Consumers of printing supplies - businesses, governments, and small organizations, businesses want Get more information about the industry's products. "

Malinskiy revealed some of the main responsibilities of the association, including:
Organize, hold exhibitions related to printing supplies industry, large conferences, seminars, provide advertising services, so that consumers concerned about the use of printing supplies 

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o understand the economic, environmental and social advantages;

To provide advice on the current situation of the assessment and selection of office printing equipment, printing consumables and their parts, Russian and international market office equipment;
Editing and publishing with the Russian and international printing equipment, printing supplies and parts market-related magazines, product catalogs and special issues;

Provide legal services related to print contracts, as well as Russian tax laws, customs duties, law enforcement agencies and the judiciary;

Held research and development of related industry research seminars and printing consumables products related to Russian and international printing equipment, printing consumables and parts markets, including related work on print quality assessment;

Held educational activities related to Russian and international printing equipment, printing supplies and parts market issues, including the assessment of print quality, the organization of printing supplies, the maintenance of print services, and the automation of document workflows.