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In our daily life, we can often see a lot of splendid packaging products.The consumable material of packaging is various, heavy, bulky, costly, decorate luxuriant, many packing already seriously deviated from its proper function.

As the saying goes, "a man makes a horse by his clothes".It is necessary and justifiable to promote the sale of goods.The problem is that moderate overdrive can lead to another extreme.The result is likely to exaggerate the function of packaging, mislead consumption concept and harm the interests of consumers and society.The Chinese association has made it clear that the packaging volume significantly exceeds the 10 per cent of the commodity itself and the packaging cost is significantly more than 30 per cent of the commodity price, which can be judged as a "commercial fraud" that infringes upon the interests of consumers.

At the same time, the excessive packing also consumes all kinds of resources, and these cost a lot of resources of excessive packaging, in the hands of consumers, no matter how beautiful mostly becomes a living garbage, make social bear the packaging cost is too high.In addition, excessive packaging can also facilitate the extravagant and grandiose unhealthy social atmosphere.
Excessive packaging wastes resources, pollutes the environment and harms social interests. It is harmful to the state, society and individuals and should be firmly put to an end.

In order to avoid excessive packaging, on the one hand, we should vigorously promote the spirit of craftsman, the inner quality and the brand image of the tree.On the other hand, the whole society should increase propaganda and guide the consumption concept of simplicity and rationality.The packaging cycle mechanism is also established.At present, the existing recycling mechanism in China is not perfect, and a lot of packaging waste is still buried and burned, which wastes both resources and environment.