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Product sales code readability requirements are getting higher and higher

Shelf promotions are increasingly used in brand marketing, often as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign that derives the use of variable two-dimensional matrix code-QR codes to encourage consumers to log in to marketing campaigns Special page. This type of marking accuracy needs to meet the smart phone readable standards, for continuous inkjet technology, has always been one of the challenges.

These challenges faced by CIJ technology are somewhat related to the continuous inkjet system itself, sometimes by the choice of ink.

To achieve a certain print quality, need to "according to local conditions." In some cases, the resolution is not high enough, and the device may require more ink droplets to achieve the desired clarity. In some cases, the poor print quality may be due to poor ink droplets, resulting in splashing of ink in the vicinity of the printed font, the so-called "satellite point". In addition, it is difficult to identify the logo or the defect, or it may be that the correct ink is not selected, the ink quality is poor, or the adhesion is low.