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As of now, digital printing provides roughly two types of printing ink, one is water based ink and one is UV ink.In general, water-based ink in the packaging market, the most popular because of its more environmental protection, the only problem is that the higher coverage, such as 30%, more than 90% or more of the water-based ink drying into space, energy, and the main problem of the base material deformation may be produced.

BSCorrugated pit box2

In order to solve this problem, part of the ink supplier is offering is known as a mixture of water-based UV ink, the ink on the market now is very fresh, so its effect remains to be seen.In theory, the advantage is that UV ink with moisture can achieve better graphics quality than 100% solid UV ink.Most of the components are monomers - the surrounding colorants are transparently solidified in the lens dome, forming color fields, reflectance and physical conversion problems.Water borne carriers can get rid of a lot of monomers and related problems, although they must be dry.

Printing method
The market is currently in reel printing and single sheet printing, which also illustrates the complexity of corrugated market.Usually packing companies install such digital printing presses, which can be printed in short, short order, and can be printed according to custom requirements.This was originally a traditional printing field, but apparently it's not a good deal for a small batch of unexpected orders.The volume of digital printing of drum type is bigger, the paper box factory can make the digital preprint of corrugated paper, and then carry on the following series of printing processing into carton packaging.Of course, a rotary digital printing machine can also be installed on the front end of the tile line.
In the case of cardboard factories, a lot of companies have a problem because they have been working in efficient and high-yielding ways over the years.In a different way of printing, mandrel, or sheet-fed, what different often struggle with use efficiency and the way of printing, although is a new dream, use more digital technology and customers with instant orders and production, reduce inventory, quick market response, etc.Most of today's boxes are printed and processed on their own, and it is not difficult for these companies to incorporate some new technology.