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Times are changing, and young people are dropping out of shopping in offline stores, and online shopping and take-out are their daily habits.This is also a new situation for fast - elimination.On line face to face chance to "tease" consumers lost slowly, consumers may be more because of a video patch AD met a new drink, also may be because of a circle of friends to know a new snack.How do you get rid of the new generation of consumers by packing them?


A growing number of brands have begun to "personalize" the brand, with names, manifestos and lyrics printed on their bags to appeal to a younger generation of consumers.Bud light vice President Alex Lambrecht said: "consumers, especially the millennial generation, they like to personalized experience, for the brand, through to achieve personalized packaging, is the best way."

Packaging should not only convey the information of the product itself, but also reflect a cultural atmosphere that satisfies people's spiritual enjoyment.Packaging should be through modeling and color matching, artistic expression of brand positioning, advertising appeal and so on.In today's society, the packing design have been mentioned a whole new level, it is the beginning of the spread, is the carrier of the content, the content and how high is the relevance of the product itself, the content and how to communicate with consumer depth, many brands are constantly