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We are one of the custom label manufacturers in china. Now we want to share with you some information about  our industry referring to the other  brands  at home and abroad. Now six major brands (Heidelberg, man Roland, global group, komori, akiyama, mitsubishi) of the printing press has its characteristic each, in general, the German equipment of the printing quality is higher, generally reflect the printing pressure, good stability, low repair rate.Japanese equipment has a certain distance from German equipment, but the quality can be quite high if the operator is high.And if the operating staff are low, German machines cannot print good products.There is no significant difference between the two machines for most printing.

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Heidelberg has a long history in China, its influence is greater and its sales are the largest in China.In the mid - 1990 - s, they can be split and Heidelberg four traditional rotary paper feeding mechanism used in the boot to sway downward paper feeding mechanism, the machine speed can reach more than 15000 r/hour.Compared with other machines, Heidelberg sway downward is e paper adopted by using CAM rocker form of conjugate CAM mechanism (relative to other institutions relatively simple), using the CAM to promote open-closed armature structure in the form of fork.Both of these structures are unique.

Another special place is the three-fold diameter of the paper roller, which increases the distance between the units and increases the operating space.Three diameters are much more difficult to process than doubles, and installation is relatively difficult.New H105 will be three times the diameter roller diameter changed to double cylinder, the machine speed can reach 18000 r/hour (H105 is launched a wide view of Heidelberg printing equipment, which has larger advantage compared with H102, stronger ability to adapt to the calendar, especially suitable for packaging and printing, it adopt unique feed section of the blower type transmission technology, according to different substrates keep good transfer characteristics).From the general trend, the paper roller has a double diameter structure.Heidelberg clutch pressure machinery has been using three-point suspension structure, this structure can ensure the safety protection, but its work in high speed clutch pressure is larger.