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Paper prices Taobao shop owner more than 500 yuan per month has an impact on the lives of residents
From the end of 2016, Shandong Province and the country's paper prices there has been a rise, the industry that as a raw material for papermaking paper prices, coupled with environmental action to make paper production capacity decline, resulting in paper prices rise. In addition, the recent large-scale paper prices to re-grasp the pricing power is also an important reason for price increases.

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The end of July, from Jinan Taobao owner Xu Jia Ling quietly raised the price of the product. The price adjustment in the range of 3 cents to 1 dollar between. "It's not because the price of the goods is expensive, but because the packaging is so expensive." From 2017 onwards, she found that the cost of spending on paper boxes is getting higher and higher. A 10 cm square paper box, the price has risen from 2 dollars to nearly 4 cents, or about 60%. She figured out that in July she spent about $ 1,500 on the box, more than 500 yuan more than the 2016 box price.

But including the carton factory, including many packaging business owners believe that the pricing power of the hand, is this round of an important reason for the tide of price increases. In this regard, an industry believes that the country has Nine Dragons, Castle Peak, Chen Ming and several other paper industry giant, their production capacity is very large proportion, so in terms of pricing, they also have the right to speak. Especially in Shandong Province, several large paper production capacity can account for about 80% of the province. For the future, the current price of paper products has not yet a large impact on the lives of residents. At the same time, the current high paper prices make a lot of paper prices at full capacity, which is hidden in the future. "In the final analysis, according to national policy, the paper industry is going to produce capacity."