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Paper Price Keep going Rally

On June 6th, ningbo one paper industry said that from the end of march to the beginning of may, the original paper had risen 15-20%, and decided to suspend the corrugated board and prepare to raise the offer.

From the point of corrugated box market situation, north China is seriously affected by the environmental regulation, because the level 3 a cardboard-box factory situation is not optimistic, cardboard factory faltered, corrugated board hardly increases.In east China and south China, the cardboard factories have gradually digested the high price of the stock, and the price of the paper has rebounded strongly, so there is a strong desire for higher prices.

Since the Chinese New Year, the orders of downstream customers have been unusually weak, as long as the price increases will cause the customer to lose, and many cardboard factories will not be able to raise prices easily.As a result, the cardboard manufacturers appear to have little confidence in the price of price increases, which are not big, and the tentative meaning is strong.

Whether the price of corrugated board will be implemented and sustained will need to be further observed.