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Analysts pointed out that with the rapid development of the packaging industry, packaging paper sharply higher, intensifying the waste paper industry to pick up, the market demand for the current round of waste is higher than the reasons for the higher.

Zhuo record data show that in July the national average price of waste yellow paperboard 1821.72 yuan / ton, up 47.5%; July boxboard national average price of 4472.22 yuan / ton, up 49.70%; July the average price of corrugated paper 3934.16 yuan / ton, up 58.23% year on year.

By August 1, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and Guangdong, a small number of small and medium enterprises to increase the price of corrugated paper 50 yuan -200 yuan / ton, and the increasing price of paper prices.


According to the reporter learned that the North China region, August 1, Hebei Xingtai Baixiang Huaxing paper waste paper prices increased 100 yuan / ton; August 2, Tianjin Nine Dragons Paper box raised 100 yuan / ton. Central China, August 2, Henan Taiyuan Longyuan paper waste paper prices increased 50 yuan / ton; Henan Xinxiang Henry paper waste paper prices increased 100 yuan / ton. East China, August 4, the Shandong Texas plains Huisheng paper waste paper prices increased 80 yuan / ton; Jiangsu Suqian Shuyang good paper waste paper prices increased 70 yuan / ton. South China, August 4, Dongguan Qiao Yu Jiangmen paper waste paper prices increased 110 yuan / ton.

Due to raw material costs under pressure, a number of paper mills have issued price increases. August 1, "Golden Sun", "China Sun" brand cigarettes white cardboard in the original price base rose 200 yuan / ton; one of the gray-white paperboard manufacturers in Dongguan Jianhui paper issued price increases, since July 25 from the level of gray paperboard prices rose 100 yuan / ton.

"This year, waste paper, imported pulp, thermal coal and other chemical raw material prices rose, boosting the paper price of the uplink," Kuaihai information analyst Lu Yaya told China Securities Journal reporter, "this year new capacity less, environmental trends Yan to bring small capacity to eliminate irreversible, short - term paper industry boom will continue upward.