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"This new press combines high-quality offset printing with the latest design of flexographic printing units, so it not only meets the needs of high-quality printed products, but also for high-density color applications.  Now the market is moving faster than expected, and the printing length of the order is getting shorter and shorter, and the interchangeable printing solutions are not always satisfactory," said Marco Calcagni, executive director of business. For example, the rotary gravure and CI flexo presses have high production costs, low flexibility, and very limited configuration, compared to the Oemi Varyflex V4 Offset has an absolute competitive advantage.


Mr. Calcagni's self-confidence is not unreasonable, the offset printing process not only can improve product quality, but also when used in combination with a variety of processes can often play a "1 +1> 2" effect; In addition, offset printing plate cycle, Simple, can save plate-making time, which are offset printing more than CI flexographic printing and rotary gravure advantage. Omit estimated CI flexographic printing and gravure of the intersection of about 100,000 square meters. Omit also believes that Varyflex V4 Offset is more competitive than digital presses when processing shorter orders.

In terms of print quality, the Varyflex V4 Offset has a net coverage of at least 0% and is evenly distributed on the material. Mr. Calcagni said that the minimum offset can match the quality of gravure, but the printing process is more flexible, its printing accuracy far more than the flexographic printing and digital printing. "Offset printing is the best solution for printing CMYK and decorative patterns, which can solve the print quality problems of bright and dark areas and fine lines.