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Reporters learned that the recent surge in paper prices, mainly raw and auxiliary materials prices rise, environmental protection efforts to increase the market demand and other factors lead to increased.


Zhao Wei, chairman of the China Paper Association, said that since 2017, the volume and price of pulp market Qi Sheng, the current domestic has risen to 2200 to 2700 yuan per ton, and the end of 2016 only 1700 to 1800 yuan per ton. The reason is that the supply of goods pulp is tight; the second is due to our country to strengthen the main raw materials of paper imports of waste paper management, resulting in reduced imports, prices rose sharply.


Environmental protection is also an important reason for the increase in paper prices. An annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of paper-making enterprises responsible person admitted: "In recent years, rapid increase in environmental protection requirements, a number of small and medium-sized paper mills shut down or integrated production, the mill operating rate is low, inventory reduction, supply decline, Paper prices will naturally improve. "Reporters in the" paper village "Hangzhou Fuyang interview found that many local mills are in a semi-shutdown state.


Reporters interviewed a number of enterprises also reflects the coal, oil, gas and other accessories prices rebounded and the increase in transport costs, but also helped push up paper prices.


In addition, the end of August is the traditional purchase and sale of paper season, in order to ensure the National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, "double eleven", Spring Festival and other holiday promotions, businesses are in advance stocking. "A substantial increase in market demand, tight supply and demand has also brought the recent rapid price increase." Zhao said.

However, in the downstream business view, these factors are not enough to support the paper prices so fast so high. With the merger and reorganization of the industry to speed up, many small and medium enterprises "out", "large paper enterprises firmly grasp the pricing of the right to speak. Leading enterprises to raise prices, followed by local paper mills." Industry sources said.


Consumer prices are rising prices, "forced to not raise prices"


Experts believe that, due to the downstream industry, most of the paper industry overcapacity, companies are not willing to price adjustment, so consumers are still less obvious feelings. But if the raw material prices continue to rise, it is difficult to digest the cost of rising pressure, and ultimately may be passed to the consumer side.


Guangzhou, a Taobao owner selling bags, the recent product price will be slightly increased by 0.5 to 1 yuan range. "The competition is so fierce that there is no way to raise prices at all, it is the carton that is too expensive recently," she said.


Analysis of the industry, the current market is no signs of reversal, raw material prices are likely to continue.


Analysts predict that due to the possibility of falling pulp prices in September, toilet paper, wet tissue and other tissue prices will face price pressures.


In fact, the first week of September, Nine Dragons, Liansheng and other paper giants have issued a new batch of price increases letter. Reporters found that some paper mills have refused to provide the spot, to the buyer row number; middle traders also increase the hoarding efforts. Some carton factory into a paperless to do, stop working out of the plight. In addition, some newspaper newsprint also appeared in the inventory emergency, in the domestic market can not buy goods.