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Reporters learned from the State Post Bureau, from January to September this year, the national express delivery business business volume totaled 27.39 billion, an increase of 29.8%; business income totaled 342.5 billion yuan, an increase of 26.7%. Survey shows that over 70% of users will express packaging as "garbage" processing, only 19% of users will express the second use of express or he used. According to the survey, no special recycling agencies are the most important problem facing express delivery.


In order to improve the quality of express delivery industry, the State Post Bureau commissioned a professional third party to the third quarter of 2017 courier service satisfaction survey. Survey shows that the third quarter of this year, the public service satisfaction score of 77.2 points, compared with the same period in 2016 0.4 points lower than the second quarter of this year to enhance the 0.1 points. In the express business public satisfaction, the score of 80 points or more for the SF Express, score between 76 to 80 points for the courier, postal EMS, Yuantong courier, STO and rhyme courier, scoring in the 74 to 76 points Between the best for the world Express, fast delivery, home delivery and express every day.


The third quarter of this year, users of fresh courier delivery satisfaction was 78.7 points, basically the same as last year. Delivery speed, distribution service attitude and scheduled delivery time is the delivery company needs to focus on improving aspects. The vast majority of surveyed users said they were able to accept express mail in the "double 11" business peak than usual delay, the user of the "double 11" during the courier service more rational, more tolerant.