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Introduction of kraft paper

Kraft paper for packaging materials. High strength. Usually tan. Half drift or full bleached kraft pulp is light brown, creamy or white. Quantitative 80 ~ 120g / m2. Crack length is generally more than 6000m. Tear strength, rupture strength and high dynamic strength. Using sulphate softwood pulp as raw material, the beating, in the long net paper machine made of copy.

Kraft paper is a tough water-resistant packaging paper, was brown, widely used, commonly used in the production of paper bags, envelopes, operating this, sets of records, files and sandpaper. There are web and flat paper, there are single-sided light, double-sided light and stripes the difference. The main quality requirements are flexible and strong, high bursting resistance, can withstand greater tension and pressure is not broken. Kraft paper has a high pull, a single light, double light, stripes, no grain and so on.