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Cardboard prices and then lift the climax of the days of paper prices will be how to close

September 2, despite the weekend, but the price tide does not seem to quell the signs. From yesterday, corrugated board appeared a national rise, to today, the price of paperboard prices reached a new climax.

Cause we all know, because the base paper again do not want to skyrocketing!

Arrogance Zhang Tian's price tide

In the past just a month, the base paper generally rose 800-1000 yuan / ton, and the individual paper even staged a rise of 1,000 yuan / ton of crazy! And within a few months, the gray card from 2600 rose to more than 4,000, high-quality cattle card from more than 4,000 equal to 6000, all other types of paper all with a large increase

Packaging area users "has been under the rain" soberly analysis of the current price increases extremely unreasonable: the price of previous years, whiteboard is white card 2/3 price, whiteboard is compensatory growth, white card stability, the current price of 4150, Just two or three white card. And then up will be discarded whiteboard, directly with a white card or leather card (4900).

And friends Zhang Rongrong's message is this wonderful market Quotes puzzled: hoard goods, waste paper can be sold to a pound of steel as low as 2 hair, the so-called paper than iron, which is what kind of strange market

Individual raw materials rose three percent three percent, rose to the entire packaging industry to doubt life.