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2017 "double" period, the author received two express mail, is a friend online shopping fruit and food. Friends gift naturally happy, but the process of unpacking people really sigh.

The first is a carton, which sets a silver insulation bag, there is a transparent plastic bag insulation box, loaded with a car centipede. In order to cool down, but also put two fist big ice. The second box is a box of chestnut red bean ice cream, this is less than chopsticks, 3 inches wide, thick but 4 refers to the carton, installed in the same texture of the insulation bag. The difference is that two ordinary ice cubes into three artificial ice, the box is made of foam, the amount of size, length and width were 35 cm, 25 cm, 25 cm.


People sigh the first is the waste of online shopping packaging. Said the car that child, up to Sheng in the plastic box on the line, and even the box can be used, a small plastic bag is enough. I understand that the current daily delivery of the packaging has reached tens of millions of pieces, the annual packaging tape with the paper can be more than 200 cycles around the earth, packaging costs more than 10 billion yuan.

Online shopping, convenient, but excessive packaging has become the trend of proliferation, contrary to the original intention of building a conservation-oriented society, such a waste of resources can not be underestimated, to this end:

First, as soon as possible to develop online shopping goods express packaging standards, the introduction of online shopping industry, the packaging of technical specifications. From the express packaging of the material, size, thickness, shape, etc., to make reasonable provisions, according to the property attributes into several fragile grades, marked with different colors, and the use of different packaging materials, sorting and loading and unloading when treated differently. Second, to strengthen the publicity, to eliminate some consumers, "the greater the gift box face," the wrong understanding, everyone from my start, try to reduce the packaging waste. Third, try to establish online shopping package of green recycling system, through the online points reward, redemption of goods, participate in lucky draw and other incentives to guide consumers not to discard the packaging of goods, to achieve recycling. Fourth, the proposed government to introduce policies to encourage enterprises to design and production can be used several times to regulate the box (bags), to promote innovative logistics business model, for some qualified shop business and its goods to provide less packaging, zero package safe delivery service.

In short, as long as the "multi-pronged approach", multi-force together, co-governance, such a waste behavior will be able to put an end to.