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Heidelberg Subaru Dream Team's Shining Star: Subaru CX 75 Offset

Subaru CX 75 is Heidelberg's latest research and development, specifically for the four open formats of high-end business, label and packaging and design of a model. The launch of the Speedmaster CX 75 further enriches the product line of Heidelberg in the field of four open offset presses, along with the existing Subaru SX 74, Subaru XL 75, to provide the most suitable printing equipment for printing companies in China and around the world.

The main features of the Speedmaster CX75 are:

1) The thickness of the printed material is more extensive, from mild tissue to more than 400 grams of cardboard, CX75 can easily deal with.

2) The Speedmaster CX 75 combines the innovative technology of the Subaru SX 74 and XL 75 with a high degree of stability and unparalleled print quality.

3) a high degree of automation and integration, through the preset and remote control function to significantly reduce the manual operation, shorten the printing preparation time.

4) Finally, despite the relatively compact design of the Subaru CX 75, small footprint, but the operation is still very convenient, the design is also very user-friendly.