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Happy Ending with HongKong Printing and Packaging Exhibition

Bosing Paper Packaging company attend the HongKong Printing and Packaging Exhibition from 27th -30th in April.This Exhibition had a good result and good way to sourcing new customers and new products.


Hong Kong PRINTING and packaging FAIR Hong Kong PRINTING & PACKING FAIR port by the Hong Kong trade development council and the China international exhibition co., LTD., China's Hong Kong international PRINTING and packaging exhibition held in asiaworld-expo, make opportunities for companies, professional and technical and customer service to buyers around the world show. The exhibition provides competitive products and high quality and efficient service. During the exhibition, we can not only enjoy the latest fashion design ideas, but also find a satisfactory partner to promote the business. The conference will be packed in several ways trade journals, professional magazines, industry websites such as advertising, press releases, feature, direct mail advertising, press conferences and held in the main city road shows, etc., intensive promotion of Hong Kong international printing and packaging exhibition.


The general assembly will identify and invite VIP buyers to visit the printing and packaging exhibition in Hong Kong. Here are all the relevant new products and concepts -- this is an ideal place for you to show your creativity. The exhibition covers a wide range of industries, including printing and packaging solutions, materials, and printing integrated logistics services. Successive success proves that the exhibition is an effective trade platform, let the exhibitors and corporate users from all walks of life, packaging cardboard boxes manufacturers, designers, retailers and distributors, establish extensive connection as well as printing and packaging services company, negotiate trade. The Hong Kong international printing and packaging exhibition is not only a purchasing platform, but also an information centre. It provides the latest industry trends, knowledge and market intelligence to exhibitors and buyers in different forms.