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Nowadays, all products need to be packed, and the packaging must be printed.Printing is one of the most important means of packaging and processing of product packaging.Meanwhile, for some commodities, printing also plays an important anti-counterfeiting role.Today's packaging is moving in a more elegant and value-added direction.Because industry fast development momentum, the market competition is intense, the enterprise to compete to lower the price of products, to find a way to from the cost of raw materials and auxiliary materials, thus easy to cause of the inferior procurement, harmful and not conducive to environmental protection printing materials.In order to curb the harm and pollution caused by the vicious competition caused by cost reduction, we must first start from the packaging printing enterprise itself.


Developing economy and protecting the environment is inevitably the prominent contradictions of traditional economy, to fundamentally solve the deep contradiction, must be on the way as soon as possible make the transition from traditional economy to recycling economy, the sustainable consumption from the consumption patterns.Based on the rapid development of packaging printing industry, attention should be paid to the coordination of industry structure, efficiency and quality.

Vigorously develop green packaging and printing, it is the manifestation of circular economy in the packaging printing industry, is the essence of the development of circular economy and comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development requirements, is to establish a conservation-minded society, promote harmony between man and nature of powerful measures.As a member of the packaging and printing industry, we should realize the importance and urgency of developing circular economy from the perspective of strategy, and further enhance our consciousness and sense of responsibilit