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Food packaging is a component of food products.One of the main projects in the food industry.It protect the food, make food to consumers' hands in leave factory circulation process, prevent biological, chemical, and physical external factors of the damage, it also can keep the food itself stable quality function, its edible convenience food, food is the first performance appearance, attract consumer's image, with the value beyond the material cost.Therefore, food packaging process is also an inseparable part of food manufacturing systems engineering.But the universality of the food packaging process makes it have a relatively independent self-system.

According to the inherent color of the commodity or the property of the product, the use of visual color is an important means of color box packaging and printing design.Commodity packaging is an important part of the goods, it is not only indispensable coat of goods plays a protect goods, to facilitate transportation, sales, and the role of the consumer is bought, but also the image of a commodity manufacturing enterprises.Color as an important element in the packaging design of a commodity not only plays a role in beautifying the packaging of goods, but also plays an important role in the process of commodity marketing.This point is being emphasized by more and more enterprises and commodity packaging boxes